Oracle SOA Suite 12c: Essential Concepts Ed 1


This Oracle SOA Suite 12c: Essential Concepts Ed 1 training introduces you to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts, the SOA approach to development and integration and the functionality of the core components of SOA Suite 12c. Expert Oracle University instructors will help you use Oracle SOA Suite 12c to build enterprise applications that provide solutions to business problems.

By taking this course, you’ll develop the skills to integrate your organization’s applications into agile, reusable, service-based connectivity to reduce risk and respond faster to business requirements. Become more knowledgeable about SOA to help support your organization’s SOA implementation.


  • Describe SOA concepts and technologies
  • Describe the business benefits of adopting SOA in your organization
  • Describe the functionality and features of core service components in Oracle SOA Suite 12c
  • Explain the context of using each core service component, and business challenges they address
  • Describe the make-up of a SOA composite application
  • Explain how to virtualize and secure services
  • Describe how Oracle SOA provides customers real-time insight into their business
  • Describe how Oracle SOA simplifies integration with external trading partners and with cloud-based and mobile applications



Understanding of web service concepts such as WSDL, SOAP


  • Service-Oriented Architecture Concepts
  • Getting Started with Oracle SOA Suite 12c
  • Building SOA Composite Applications
  • Orchestrating Services with BPEL Process Components
  • Connecting with Binding Components
  • Mediating Messages with Mediator Components
  • Encapsulating Business Logic with Business Rules Components
  • Implementing Human Activities with Human Workflow Components
  • Virtualizing and Securing Services
  • Managing, Monitoring and Troubleshooting Composite Application
  • Enabling On-Premises Integration
  • Enabling Mobile and Cloud Integration

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Oracle SOA Suite 12c: Essential Concepts Ed 1

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