Oracle SOA Suite 11g – Essential Concepts


This course introduces you to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts, the SOA approach to integration and the Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g R3 products that support an SOA implementation. You’ll explore core SOA service components, as well as how to use the Oracle SOA suite to address real world business challenges.

Learn To:

  • Describe SOA concepts.
  • Evaluate the Oracle SOA Suite for use in your organizations.
  • Explain how SOA composite applications are implemented in Oracle SOA Suite 11g.

Benefits to You:

Learn how to integrate your organization’s applications into agile, reusable, service-based connectivity to reduce risk and respond faster to business requirements. Become more knowledgeable about SOA to help support your organization’s SOA implementation.

Learn the SOA Approach

Using an order management business process as the scenario, participants learn how a SOA approach can be implemented – whether starting fresh with new services or reusing existing services provided by the business.

Using Oracle SOA Suite 11g, you’ll explore, modify, execute and monitor an order-processing composite application implemented using a SOA approach.


  • Describe the business and technical challenges when adopting SOA in your organization
  • Evaluate the Oracle SOA Suite for use in your organizations
  • Describe SOA concepts
  • Describes the functionality and features of core service components in Oracle SOA Suite 11g
  • Explain the context of using each core service component, and business challenges they address
  • Explore a SOA composite application in JDeveloper
  • Explain how Oracle Service Bus mediates between services
  • Describe the role of SOA governance in a SOA project, and high-level approaches


  • Architect
  • Business Analysts
  • Application Developers
  • Technical Consultant
  • SOA Architect


  • SOA Concepts
  • Technical introduction to SOA
  • Core Service Components in Oracle SOA Composite Application
  • Oracle SOA Suite and Related Products in Oracle FMW
  • Service Design
  • SCA Composite Applications and Service Components
  • Adapter technology
  • Service Data Objects (SDO)
  • Getting started with SOA composite application implementation in JDeveloper
  • Orchestrating Services with BPEL Process Components
  • Mediating Messages with Mediator Components
  • Encapsulating Business Logic with Business Rules Components
  • Implementing Human Activities with Human Task Components
  • Creating Business Driven Processes with BPMN
  • Managing and Monitoring Composite Applications
  • Enterprise Integration using Oracle Service Bus
  • Exploring SOA Governance

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Oracle SOA Suite 11g – Essential Concepts

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