MPLS – Implementing Cisco MPLS

02 Jun 2024
a 06 Jun 2014

9h00 às 17h30


This course is designed to introduce you to MPLS concepts, installation, migration, operation, inspection, and troubleshooting. You’ll start with an overview of MPLS and MPLS operation, after which you’ll concentrate on MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN) deployment. The MPLS fundamentals covered in this class will provide the theory and hands-on knowledge to implement, integrate, and deploy an MPLS infrastructure. The MPLS VPN lecture and labs will cover the models, diversity, implementation, troubleshooting, and flexibility of MPLS VPNs.

What you’ll learn:

  • Label and Tag Distribution Protocol
  • MPLS VPNs/VPN deployment models
  • Multi-protocol BGP
  • MPLS VPN configurations, integration, and management


  • Anyone responsible for designing, implementing, and/or troubleshooting MPLS networks or solutions based on MPLS technology.
  • Individuals working toward CCIP certification.


  • ICND2 – Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices 2
  • BGP – Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers v3.2


  • MPLS Concepts
  • MPLS Label Assignment and Distribution
  • Frame-Mode MPLS Implementation on Cisco IOS Platforms
  • MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN) Technology
  • MPLS VPN Implementation
  • Complex MPLS VPNs
  • Integrated Internet Access with MPLS VPNs
  • MPLS Traffic Engineering

MPLS Concepts

  • MPLS Labels and Label Stack
  • MPLS Applications

MPLS Label Assignment and Distribution

  • Discovering LDP Neighbors
  • Label Distribution in Frame-Mode MPLS
  • Convergence in Frame-Mode MPLS
  • MPLS Label Allocation, Distribution, and Retention Modes

Frame-Mode MPLS Implementation on Cisco IOS Platforms

  • CEF Switching
  • Configuring Frame-Mode MPLS
  • Monitoring Frame-Mode MPLS
  • Troubleshooting Frame-Mode MPLS

MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN) Technology

  • VPN Categorization
  • MPLS VPN Architecture
  • MPLS VPN Routing Model
  • MPLS VPN Packet Forwarding

MPLS VPN Implementation

  • MPLS VPN Mechanisms
  • Configuring VRF Tables
  • Configuring an MP-BGP Session Between PE Routers
  • Configuring Routing Protocols Between PE and CE Routers
  • RIP
  • OSPF
  • BGP
  • Monitoring MPLS VPN Operation
  • Troubleshooting MPLS VPN

Complex MPLS VPNs

  • Advanced VRF Import/Export Features
  • Overlapping VPNs
  • Central Services VPNs
  • Managed CE Router Service
  • MPLS Managed Services

Integrated Internet Access with MPLS VPNs

  • VPN Internet Access Topologies
  • VPN Internet Access Implementation Methods
  • Separating Internet Access from VPN Services
  • Internet Access Backbone as a Separate VPN

MPLS Traffic Engineering

  • Traffic Engineering (TE) Concepts
  • MPLS TE Components
  • Configuring MPLS TE on Cisco IOS Platforms
  • Monitoring Basic MPLS TE on Cisco IOS

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MPLS – Implementing Cisco MPLS

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