JB161 – Jboss and EJB3 for Java Developers

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This course provides an introduction to JBoss, Java EE and EJB3, and is ideal for students with existing Java programming experience wishing to enter Java EnterpriseEdition (Java EE) development.

JBoss and EJB3 for Java Developers is targeted toward Java developers who wish to extend their knowledge to EJB3 and Java EE middleware programming using the JBoss Application Server. This class is an introduction to Java EE web-tier and EJB3 development using the JBoss Application Server. It provides a hands-on approach to Java Servlet, JSP, JSF and EJB3 development, deployment and the tools necessary to facilitate both processes.


Basic Java programming skills and knowledge of OOAD concepts are required. The student must have practical knowledge of, and/or experience with, the following: The object-oriented concepts of inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation Java syntax, specifically for data types, variables, operators, statements and control flow Writing Java classes as well as using Java interfaces and abstract classes Using Java collections Handling Java exceptions Using the JDK and creating the necessary environment for compilation and execution of a Java executable from the command line


  • Servlets
  • HTTP Session
  • JSPs
  • Web Security
  • Building Applications Using JSF
  • The Java Persistence API (JPA)
  • Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB3)
  • Web Services with EJB3

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JB161 – Jboss and EJB3 for Java Developers

Red Hat | 35h


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